CSU Chemistry Lab Units

Smart Science® labs bring you real experiments instead of simulations. They require students to take their own individual data point by point instead of handing it to them.

Power science learning with online science labs that uniquely provide a true science experience.

Online Activity Labs: Topics:
Chemical Reactions
screen shot of Chemical Reactions real online lab
Real experiments in an exercise activity. Students observe reactions and see equation of the reaction. They determine reaction type.
Molar Volume
screen shot of Molar Volume real online lab
Real lab. Students measure gas volume produced as equal masses of a reactant, metal or other compound, are added to acid.
Gas Pressure-Temperature
screen shot of Gas Pressure-Temperature real online lab
Real lab. Students measure pressure as 0.5 L bulb is heated in water bath. Different gases are compared.
screen shot of Density real online lab
Real lab. Students measure height, which is converted to volume, of water in cylinder as equal masses of various materials are added. Students relate slope to density.
Chemical Changes
screen shot of Chemical Changes  real online lab
Real experiments in a classification activity. Students observe various reactions labeled as physical or chemical change. They note changes in color, evolution of gas, formation of solid, appearance of light, heat. They analyze whether appearance can provide clues to classification.
Flame Test
screen shot of Flame Test real online lab
Real lab. Students observe various cations in a flame, including a spectrum, and conclude when flame tests can be used analytically.
Empirical Formula of Chlorides
screen shot of Empirical Formula of Chlorides real online lab
Real lab. Student measure mass of chlorides produced by reaction of various metals with HCl. In one case, the acid is HNO3. They relate data captured to empirical formula of the chloride.
Phase Changes
screen shot of Phase Changes real online lab
Real lab. Students collect temperature-time data as substance is heated or cooled and passes through a phase change.
Specific Heat
screen shot of Specific Heat real online lab
Real lab. Students measure temperature change in a calorimeter as heat is electrically added to different liquids.
Gas Volume-Temperature
screen shot of Gas Volume-Temperature real online lab
Real lab. Students measure volume of syringe containing various gases as temperature of water bath changes.
Periodic Properties
screen shot of Periodic Propertiesreal online lab
Analysis of chemical data. Students obtain data about various elements and seek periodicity of the different properties of the elements.
Acid-Base Titration
screen shot of Acid-Base Titration online lab
Real lab. Student follow pH during titrations of weak and strong acids and bases. All eight combinations are provided.
Crystal Violet Bleaching
screen shot of Crystal Violet Bleaching online lab
Real lab. Students match color of crystal violet solution with calibrated color bar after different concentrations of NaOH have been added. They analyze data to determine rate dependency.
screen shot of Solubility online lab
Real lab. A variety of solvents and solutes are mixed, and students classify results. Some properties of both the solvents and solutes are provided, and students seek patterns, if any.
Volume Graphs
screen shot of Volume Graphs real online lab
Real lab. Great introduction to Smart Science labs and review of graphing principles. Students measure height of liquid being added in equal aliquots to a graduated cylinder. Plot height vs. volume. Analyze how cylinder diameter affects slope.