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AP/IB Chemistry Labs
Measurement Activity
Volume Graphs
Random Errors
Systematic Errors
Laboratory Glassware Activity
Preliminary & Supplementary Labs
Empirical Formula of Metal Chlorides
Water Electrolysis
Hydrate Analysis Procedure
Analysis of Hydrates
Chemical Formulas
Labs 1, 2
Molar Mass by Vapor Density
Molar Mass by Freezing Point
Molar Volume
Colorimetric Analysis of Copper
Moles and Concentration
Labs 3, 4, 5, 17
Reaction Rates
Crystal Violet Bleaching Kinetics
Iron-Tin Reaction Kinetics
Lab 12
pH and Titration
Acid-Base Indicators
Polyprotic Acid Titration
Acid-Base Reactions
Labs 6, 7, 11, 19
Oxidizing Power
Electrochemical Series
Metal Plating and Dissolution
Redox Reactions
Labs 8, 20, 21
Enthalpy of Neutralization
Enthalpy of Solution
Solubility Products
Equilibrium Constants
Labs 10, 13
Precipitation Procedure
Mole Ratios of Precipitates
Gravimetric Analysis
Labs 9, 16
Thin-Layer Chromatography
Inorganic Synthesis
Analysis and Synthesis
Labs 14*, 15, 18, 22*